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MECANOR has been a reliable partner for decades for precision parts that are used in a wide range of microtechnical applications. In order to meet the specific needs of these applications over the entire product life cycle, we are not only using our know-how but also high-quality equipment. By regular maintenance of the tools we have developed, a virtually unlimited number of parts can be produced at no additional costs to the customer.


MECANOR has in-house follow-up processes such as parts cleaning, deburring, polishing, hardening and assembly. In the field of coating and other specific processes, we are working together with selected partners in order to be able to deliver ready-to-install parts and small assemblies to the customer.

MECANOR is your partner for punching and forming products with different properties:

  • Complex stamping and bending parts with ultra-small tolerances and precise bending

  • Punching products with fine and complex shapes in very thin materials from 0,008 mm

  • Rolled products such as plug contacts, so far realized from Ø 0.6mm

  • Die-cut products with single-sided or double-sided embossed pins, combined with bending

  • Highly precise deep-drawn parts with smallest possible dimensions, e.g. inside diameter of 0.7mm

  • Variety of materials: steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, plastics

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